We offer custom tattoos on both an appointment and walk-in basis. We do both basic and custom body piercings. Lastly, we are available for commissions on custom stand-alone art pieces. These three services are our primary focuses, however if you're interested in other art endeavors, please feel free to ask. Many of our artists are multifaceted professionals and have expertise in sculpture, murals, graphic design, decorative art and furniture, etc. 

The legal age to receive a tattoo in Texas is 18. Although there are some exceptions to his rule, (covering a gang or drug related tattoo with a court order) these instances are so rare they require a special insurance and are not accommodated by Ink817. Simply put, you gotta be 18, parent or not.

This is where Texas law is a bit more lenient. 18 is the legal age for a body piercing however, a minor may receive a piercing with parent or guardian consent with a few restrictions. Here are the rules: 
Basic and Advanced piercings: 15+
Ear Lobes: 13+
Dermals: 18+
Exotics: 18+
There are no exceptions on these age limitations. If you're a minor you must bring a few things though: Parent, Parent ID, birth certificate (or guardianship papers) and a picture ID for the minor. 

Cash and all major Credit Cards. No checks please.

Monday thru Thursday we're open: Noon-10pm
Friday and Saturday we're open: Noon-Midnight 
Sunday is by appointment only.

Many tattoos are something that we can get prepared for you while you wait but for large scale or a heavily customized piece we recommend you set an appointment. While we love walk-ins, the larger, more custom pieces take a bit more forethought for an artist to put together. So on those we recommend first a consultation appointment. We use this time to discuss your ideas and vision as well as to talk over with the artist any inspiration pictures you may have. From there we would book an appointment for tattooing and take a deposit to reserve your time and date. Once the date of your tattoo appointment comes you'll just pay your balance and get an awesome tattoo. If you have any questions or are unsure if your tattoo idea would be best served on an appointment basis. Just ask. We'll be happy to help.