Thank you for your interest in Ink817 Tattoo Company’s Apprenticeship Program. At Ink817 we are always looking for talented artist to help build the next generation of tattooers. We partner with artist whom are serious about their art and are looking to move forward into a career in the tattoo industry. 

     Traditionally in the tattoo world, a tattoo apprenticeship would usually take place over the course of one to two years and sometimes longer. This process would include all aspects of indoctrination and emersion into the industry. At Ink817 we still subscribe to the traditional methods of training future tattooers with a hands-on apprenticeship/working internship style training and inundation. However at Ink817, our timeline is a bit more progressive. By way of curriculum development and fine tuning, streamlining our processes and a very selective candidate vetting procedure, we’ve accelerated this process to a six to eight month apprenticeship program. 
    Needless to say, this is a very rigorous program and attrition is not at all uncommon. We must emphasize, this is not an art mentorship. This is a tattoo apprenticeship. Apt candidates will be established and practicing artist with several presentation ready pieces in their portfolio to be reviewed during their candidacy evaluations, be fully committed to pursuing a career in the tattoo industry and able to devote 20-30 hours a week to an unpaid on-the-job working style apprenticeship for no less than 6 months.
     Once training is finished, artists who meet our employment criteria will be offered a position on our resident artist staff. So if you love art, are motivated and not afraid of hard work and are interested in working in one of the most progressive visual arts fields in the world, then our Apprenticeship Program may be what you’ve been looking for.
     For admittance consideration into the Apprenticeship Program, please email your info and a link to your digital portfolio to